Still Alive (Out of Character Update)

Well this is slightly embarrassing…. it’s been a long time since I last updated and I wanted to apologize. This past year I started college (I’m officially old) and for anyone who has been through that or knows someone who has been through it knows how much time college takes up. Unfortunately, as a result this blog got put on the backburner and I’m really sorry about that. Thankfully, it is now summer and I am relatively busy-free, which brings me to the important part of this update:

I am going to try and get back to writing this blog. To be honest I’m not sure what’s going on with the plot my PC and I came up with, but hopefully it will continue. If not, I will happily start up a new plot of my own. I am going out of town for the weekend, but I should be posting something by next weekend, even if it’s something small.

Thank you all for being patient with me!!

I ❤ you!!!

Did You Miss Them?


Prescott Academy’s Café
Westchester, NY
Monday, May 2nd
8:04 A.M.

Claire couldn’t help but grin as she took a seat next to Dylan, still in a state of joy from the weekend’s events. She had the time of her life at the dance with Cam, though to be honest she wasn’t really surprised. Things were going really well between the two of them at the moment, and Claire was thrilled at the prospect of spending the summer with her bae (when she wasn’t hanging with the PC, of course).

After the dance, and the drama that came with it, Claire spent her Sunday lounging on the couch binge-watching Gossip Girl, discussing the dance with the PC over a five-way Skype call, and sending cheesy texts to Cam.

All in all, it had been a good weekend for Claire, but sadly she couldn’t say the same for all of her friends.

“Wow, Saturday night beat me up, I’m still exhausted. I think I had too much to drink.” Dylan said while trying to stop an impending yawn.

State the obvious much, Claire couldn’t help but think. Dylan really did have too much to drink.

“Well, we tried to tell you,” she reminded her friend with a casual shrug of her shoulder.

Of course Dylan was Dylan after all, so she naturally rolled her eyes at Claire’s comment. “You never told me anything, Kuh-laire.”

Claire opened her mouth to respond with something along the lines of “Like I trust your memory of Saturday night,” when Massie snapped at Dylan.

“Claire might not have said anything, but I certainly did. I told you to slow down, I told you Cole was bad news, I told you he was a perv.”

Claire nodded, but stopped as soon as she saw Dylan’s solemn reaction. “I should have listened to you. Cole was not the guy for me.”

The residents at Table 18 were silent for a moment afterwards, before Alicia asked a daydreaming Kristen about what happened with her date, a guy named Austin.

“Oh, he told me he’d call me and never did. I don’t think he was right for me.” Kristen said, but there was something off. She was off. Claire couldn’t help but wonder why.

Massie picked up on this too and asked the question they were all wondering: “K, what’s going on with you lately? You seem to be a little… distracted.”

‘A little’ was putting it lightly. Kristen had been acting distant and busy for a few weeks and while the girls had already noticed it, now they were starting to worry.

“Um, nothing, I just… I…” Kristen trailed off before suddenly leaping up from the table, spilling her drink in the process, and running off.

Claire’s eyes, and the rest of the PC’s eyes, were wide and her eyebrows were raised as she stared at the area the Kristen had occupied just seconds earlier. “What’s her deal?” she asked, out of both curiosity and concern.

“I don’t know,” Massie said as she shook her head back and forth for a minute, “but let’s just find someone to clean up this mess.” She then waved a custodian over who cleaned the mess up in a minute flat.

After the mess was taken care of and Kristen’s cup was properly disposed of, Alicia decided to change the subject with a question: “Mass, have you thinking about summer plans?”

Now this was something Claire could get into. She loved the summer but had no idea what the Massie was planning. Sure she knew there would probably be trips to NYC and the beach, and any other place Massie deemed appropriate for the girls to spend their time at, but besides that Claire was in the dark.

Massie teased the girls a bit, hinting that she had an idea, but gave in once the girls got excited and went for her top (Massie does nawt want any hands on her clothes).

She rolled her eyes at the girls, but in a way Claire knew was more along the lines of playful than annoyance, as she prepared to announce the big summer plans. “Fine, stop badgering me! We are going to…” Claire took in a deep breath and held it, her body trembling from excitement and anticipation. “Belize!”

“Oh my gosh!!” Claire cried and covered her mouth while the other girls cheered. She couldn’t believe it. Belize!! She didn’t even know much about the country, but she knew it sounded ah-mazing!!

Massie grinned at the girls. “I’ll let Kristen know later, and get back to you all on details as soon as I have them worked out. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our last few weeks as underclassmen!” With those last words, Massie held her cup up for a toast, to which the girls obliged and the cheering started once more.

Until it stopped.

Four girls had entered the café; four girls Claire didn’t recognize but knew Massie did (the jaw drop gave it away).

The girls strolled through the café, heading straight for the PC. Massie was silent and Claire felt herself getting nervous knowing that this couldn’t be good. When the group of girls reached Table 18, one of them stepped forward, looked Massie dead in the eye and said, with a smirk:

“Hey, Massie. Did you miss us?”

Hey guys!! I know it’s been over a month since I last posted, sorry about that btw, but I’m back. So far my summer’s actually been busier than I expected but it should be winding down a bit so I’ll have more time to be on here.

This post is pretty much Massie’s last post  through Claire’s eyes and is an introduction to some of our plot!!

Also, really awesome news we now have a Dylan!! You can check out her blog here!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll have more up soon!!




Not Perfect

Outside Massie’s Bedroom
Westchester, NY
Sunday, September 10
2:15 PM

Claire Lyons used to be terrified of two things: spiders and Massie Block. While she still fears the former, she’s grown closer to the latter and is no longer terrified of her.

Instead she was, at times, nervous about her best friend’s reaction to certain things, like when she found out the barista at the Westchester Mall Starbucks was secretly giving Massie regular Iced Vanilla Lattes instead of Low-fat Iced Vanilla Latte and Claire had to break the news. That was two years ago, and Claire hadn’t had the same fear since. Until today.

Today, Claire was admitting to Massie that she disregarding her insecurities and went behind her back to figure out if Alicia slept with Derrick or not, even though Massie trusted Claire to take her word. Granted, Claire and Kristen figured out it was actually all a very elaborate (Claire was sure it belonged on an episode of Gossip Girl it was so elaborate) scheme to ruin Massie and Alicia’s friendship, a scheme carried out by Massie’s then-boyfriend and girl she hated, Olivia Ryan. I

t was crazy, but Alicia was innocent and someone had to tell Massie. Someone had to help repair this broken friendship.

And that someone was Claire Lyons, which was why Claire stood outside Massie’s door with her old Keds, two pints of cookies n’ cream ice cream, a DVD copy of Massie’s least favorite season of the Bachelor, photos of Derrick printed from Twitter, and lots of scissors and sharpies for face cutting and devil horns drawing. The only thing Claire needed but lacked was some courage.

Wishing Kristen was with her (she had soccer and insisted Claire not put it off any longer), Claire tentatively knocked on the door, and, when Massie called for her to come in, opened the door.

“Hey Mass!” Claire said cheerfully with a grin. “What’s up?”

Massie was elegantly laying on her queen-size bed, her brown hair strung up in a high ponytail, and her eyes focused on the MacBook in front of her until Claire entered the room and she turned towards her friend.

“I was about to ask you that same thing.” She answered with a small laugh. “I’m watching Gossip Girl. It’s the episode with the Saints and Sinners party. Care to join me?” Massie gestured to the space next to her, and Claire struggled to resist the urge to agree and spend the next few hours binge-watching Gossip Girl.

“I would but I have to talk to you about something.” Claire paused for a second. “Actually someone.”

“Who?” Massie questioned with an arched brown brow.

Claire looked down at her Ralph Lauren leather sandals (she didn’t dare wear Keds at a time like this) and whispered, “Alicia.”

Massie was silent, but Claire knew she was seething without even looking up. It was a natural reaction to have at the mention of your former best friend who slept with your (now ex) boyfriend. It wasn’t like she was going to cheer and hug Claire when she mentioned Alicia, Massie had no reason to.

After a moment, Massie broke the silence with a “Why do you want to talk about her?”

Claire sighed and looked up. “You’re gonna be mad, but I spoke to Alicia after you told me what happened and –” Claire paused midsentence when Massie audibly fumed with rage, but hastily continued to avoid being interrupted. “Alicia told me she was framed by Olivia Ryan who for some reason dressed up like Alicia and slept with Derrick. I told Alicia she was crazy, but later me an- I mean later I confronted Kemp, who Alicia said she was with at the party, and he was with her so I realized she wasn’t lying about everything.” Claire explained, not mentioning Kristen as a way to try and prevent the PC from losing two members if Massie kicked Claire out for talking to Alicia.

Taking a deep breath, Claire continued to explain. “I know Alicia could have still been lying about what happened with Derrick but when I was with Cam he told me Derrick told him to call Alicia at 7:15 on the night of the party, which was when Alicia was apparently hiding in the bathroom of the room where Olivia and Derrick were having –I mean were together and apparently that was when her phone went off and I know it sound crazy and doesn’t really make sense but I kinda believe Alicia and I think you should at least talk to her and I’m sorry I went behind your back, but you guys are best friends and I really think you should talk to her or consider talking to her. I just want to help you.”

Massie was silent and Claire felt like crying. She was trying to do the right thing, but she knew going behind Massie’s back hurt her. Still, Claire hoped Massie wasn’t too mad.

After another few minutes, Massie, who had been staring at Claire intensely, spoke. “That sounds insane.”

“I know it does, I know it does. It kinda reminds me of something Georgina would do to Blair.” Claire confessed, which got a small smile out of Massie. “But please consider the idea that it might be true. Please.”

Again Massie was silent, but only for a minute. She sighed, closed her amber eyes briefly, before opening them and looking straight at Claire. “I’m going to think about it, but only if I can think about it alone.”

Claire nodded excitedly. “Of course. Oh, and these,” Claire gestured to the bag she filled with the items for Massie. “These are for you. I’ll just, um, I’ll just sit them there,” she sat the bag down against the wall near the door.

Before leaving Claire turned and said to Massie, “Please let me know what you think. I understand if you don’t want to talk to Alicia, I really do, but please let me know what you decide.”

Massie nodded and Claire couldn’t help but shoot her a small smile as she hurried out the door, hoping for the best.

Claire’s Bedroom
Westchester, NY
Sunday, September 10
10:31 PM

Claire couldn’t sleep. Granted it was partially due to her working on a project she forgot about (it had only been a week of school and Claire already felt behind), but the majority of it was because she was nervous about Massie.

Even though Massie didn’t seem mad, Claire didn’t think she was out of the doghouse yet. If Massie didn’t kick her out of the PC, Claire was sure she’d be punished for her betrayal some other way. Claire also didn’t know if Massie would talk to Alicia or not, and if they talked what would happen then? What if Alicia had been lying and Claire fell for it? What if Alicia stabbed Massie in the back again?

Claire couldn’t help but worry. It was an incredibly stressful and sensitive situation, and now Claire couldn’t do anything but wait. It was stressing her –

Suddenly her phone chimed, indicating a new text message. Claire snatched it up and her heart nearly stopped when she saw it was from Massie. She quickly unlocked her phone and checked it.

New Text Message

From: Mass I spoke to Alicia.

Claire wanted to leap for joy and was about to text Massie back when her phone chimed again and she received another message, this time a group one.

New Text Message

From: Mass

To: Claire, Kris, and Dylan

Alicia is back in the PC on probation. If she acts up she’s out for good. Don’t ask why.

This time Claire did leap for joy and fired one back to Massie.

To: Mass

so you and leesh made up?

Almost immediately Massie texted back.

From: Mass

No questions asked. That included you Kuh-laire.

Claire turned pink and was about to text Massie back, when Massie texted first.

From: Mass

but yes

Claire grinned and happily laid down on her bed. Things were okay between Massie and Alicia. Not perfect, but okay.

They were okay.

And that pretty much concludes this plot!! I hope you enjoyed it and didn’t get too confused!! Soon the plot Massie, Kristen, and I have been working on will start, but until then I might publish some filler posts, depending on when we plan to start. I hope to become more active on the blog now that my school year is almost over (thanks for waiting for me by the way), but I also plan on working and going on some trips over the summer so that may eat up my time too. I will be on more though, I promise!!

Thanks for reading!!



Not Dead (Out of Character Update)

Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know that I am still here and still planning on being active here even though I haven’t been posting. School has been incredibly busy, but I plan to get a post out soon, hopefully in the next week. I know what the post will be about (teaser: Claire and Kristen approach Massie about Alicia), but it isn’t written just yet.

Hang tight though!!



Fishing for Answers


The Fisher’s Living Room
Westchester, NY
Friday, September 8
5:55 PM

Claire Lyons could help but laugh at how badly she was losing at her boyfriend’s video game (she wasn’t sure which one, all the shooting games blended together to her).

Her boyfriend, Cam Fisher, rolled his eyes and chuckled at her. “How are you doing so badly? All you have to do is point and shoot.”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess pointing and clicking isn’t my thing.” She paused for a moment and, in all seriousness, said, “You know this is actually a really hard game.”

At that Cam busted out laughing. “This is the easiest one!! I lent it to Derrick and he won the boss level after he got his wisdom teeth taken out!!”

At the mention of Derrick, Claire tensed up. Sometimes she forgot he and Derrick were friend. “Oh wow.”

Cam playfully nudged her. “Remember that? He was completely looney!!”

Claire nodded and said quietly, “Yeah, I think I remember.”

Cam frowned, sensing a change in Claire’s tone. “You alright?”

She shrugged. “Yeah. Well, kinda.” She let out a sigh. On one hand she didn’t want to cause any issues between Cam and Derrick, but on the other hand she didn’t want to lie to him. “Derrick cheated on Massie.”

Cam’s jaw dropped. “What?? When? With who?”

Claire sat up and leaned against the arm of the Fisher’s couch. “Last Friday night at some party. Massie said it was with Alicia but Alicia said –and this is really weird, I know – it was actually Olivia who Derrick was with, not her.”

Cam gave her an odd look. “Olivia Ryan? How would Massie confuse her with Alicia? They look nothing alike. And didn’t Olivia move away a couple of years ago?”

Claire nodded. “Apparently Olivia was dressed like Alicia, wig and all. It’s really weird. Like, Alicia said she was framed by her cell going off and Massie thinking it was her.”

Cam leaned back. “That is really weird. Man, I can’t believe it. Derrick didn’t say anything to me or the other guys.”

“I guess he figured you’d hear it from me or he didn’t want to start anything, I don’t know.” Claire said with another shrug. “It’s all pretty crazy. Massie is so pissed at Alicia, I don’t really blame her. She kicked her out of the PC and, to be honest, I’m surprised she hasn’t done something like cut her hair off or pay some hit men to send her to Spain.”

Cam arched a brow. “Wow you went from hair cutting to hit men really fast.”

Claire let out a small laugh. “Well that’s Massie for you. She’s really hurt and mad. She’s hiding it well though, if I didn’t know I’d say everything was all good.”

“Hey I didn’t know and I thought everything was a-okay. She’s a good actress.” Cam noted.

“Yeah. It’s going to be weird tonight because she’s still having her Friday Night Sleepover, only without Alicia. It’s been years since that last happened.”

Cam nodded. “Yeah. Wait, isn’t that at 6?” he asked, glancing at the clock on his phone.

Claire shook her head. “Not tonight. She changed it to 7 so I still have some time.”

“That’s good or else you’d be running late and I can’t imagine Massie Block responding well to that.”

Claire chuckled. “Yeah she wouldn’t be thrilled. In fact, she once said-”

“Wait did you say last Friday night,” Cam suddenly interrupted her with wide eyes.

“Uh, yeah. That’s when Derrick cheated on Massie.” This time Claire was the one to frown. “Why?”

Cam sat up and pulled out his phone. “Do you know what time ‘cause Derrick texted me to call her at 7:15 that night because she was apparently getting him some tickets for Jay Z at 7 and his phone was broken and, honestly I don’t know but he told me to call her at 7:15 and she didn’t answer.”

“I don’t know but,” Claire hesitated. “I could ask her.”

“I think you should,” he said while scrolling through his phone. “I found it! I called her at 7:16 that Friday night.”

“Huh, that’s weird.” Claire said as she pulled out her phone. “I wonder if Derrick was trying to set you up to frame her or…I swear this sounds like something out of Gossip Girl or an Abby Boyd movie.”

He arched a brow and smirked. “What like Dial L for Loser?”

Claire rolled her eyes and she called Alicia. “That’s a little different but- Oh, Leesh. Hey!”

Cam moved forward to listen to Claire’s conversation. Claire put her phone on speaker and began to talk. “Leesh what time did you receive that call you were telling me about? The one that caused Mass to walk in on Derrick and Olivia?”

“Uh,” Alicia’s said, her voice slightly muffled. “Around 7, I think. Let me check. Why?”

“Cause Cam thinks it may have been him and that Derrick could have set him up to frame you, on accident of course,” Claire added, aware of how insane all of it sounded.

“That makes sense except I didn’t recognize the number so- “

“I just changed it a couple of weeks ago,” Cam chimed in.

“Kuh-laire am I on speaker?” Claire could feel Alicia’s glare through the phone.

“Yeah, but Cam is helping so therefore he’s listening,” Claire explained, asserting herself,  and peered at Cam who rolled his eyes.

Alicia sighed. “Fine. Well the call came in at 7:16. Helpful?”

Claire’s jaw dropped. Was Alicia’s crazy story true? “Ehmagawd! That’s when Cam called you!!”

“Fisher you framed me!” Alicia snapped at, then giggled. “I can’t believe this. I told you I was framed and you didn’t believe me! Bitch!”

Claire rolled her eyes. “Okay well now I believe you. Happy?”

“Very,” Alicia said and Claire knew she was smirking. “Now all we have to do is tell Massie.”

Claire groaned. “That’s going to be the hardest part.” She paused then pulled her phone down to her face before cursing. “Crap, I have to go!”

“Friday Night Sleepover?” Alicia asked, a hint of jealousy and sadness in her voice.

“Yeah,” Claire said, grabbing her purse while Cam passed Claire her Keds.

“You should tell her then.” Alicia suggested.

Claire shook her head and set her phone on the couch as she slipped her shoes on. “No way. I’ll tell her tomorrow. I have to think of what to say.”

Alicia sighed. “Fine. I’ll hold you to that, you know?”

Claire stood up and slipped her purse over her shoulder. “I know you will. Gotta go. Bye.” Claire said, hanging up before Alicia could reply.

With a sigh, she slipped her phone in her purse and turned to Cam. “Thank you.”

He shrugged. “Just doing my boyfriend duties, no big deal.”

Claire smiled. “I know. Thank you.” She leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips. “I really have to go!”

Cam followed her upstairs. “Are we still on for seeing the new Marvel movie Sunday?”

Claire nodded and stepped out the door. “Assuming I’m still alive by then. Love ya!”

And as Claire hurried down the walk, she heard Cam’s faint, unmistakable voice answer back: “Love you too.”

I’m finishing up my current plot and if you’re confused it’s okay. My whole idea for the plot started small, but ended up kinda crazy. So in summary: Massie thinks Alicia slept with Derrick, but Alicia says she was framed by Olivia and Derrick for some unknown reason. Kristen and Claire were able to prove that Alicia wasn’t completely lying (see last post), and now Claire and Cam just figured out that Cam was the one who was set up to call Alicia, unintentionally setting her up to be framed by Massie. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, thank you guys for reading, and if you are interested in joining my PC (we’re looking for a Dylan and Alicia) check out my PC page and visit Massie’s blog for the application!!


Kemp and Calc

Prescott Academy
Westchester, NY
Thursday, September 7
3:12 PM

It has been only four days into the new school year, Claire’s last school year in Westchester before jetting off to college, and she hated it more than she thought was possible.

The current status of the PC was dire: Massie was heartbroken over Derrick, though she wouldn’t admit it and no one outside the PC was aware the couple had even split (though Claire suspected people who learn sooner rather than later); Alicia had been kicked out of the group and Claire hadn’t seen her since they met at the mall; Kristen was bombarded with work from all of the AP classes she was taking as well as her role as Class President; and Claire was losing sleep stressing out over Alicia and Massie. The only member of the PC who wasn’t drowning in this mess that was the new school year was Dylan and Claire knew she was stressing out over college applications.

The PC was a mess and Claire struggled with a way to fix some of the girl’s problems.

In fact, it was just that she was thinking about as she made her way to the senior parking lot where Massie was waiting when someone yanked on her arm and pulled her to the side.

“Hey!! What the fu- Kristen?” Claire knit her blonde eyebrows in confusion at her friend’s dramatic actions. “What was that for?”

Kristen shifted her backpack with her soccer gear in it and grinned. “I have a plan. Follow me.”

She grabbed Claire’s hand and pulled her down the hallway as Claire struggled to keep up.

“The one day I wear heels,” Claire muttered under her breath, glaring down at her four-inch Guess sandals, a Massie-hand-me-down.

Claire suddenly broke free from Kristen’s hand and leaned against the wall, panting as Kristen gave her a look. Before she could speak, Claire took a look at her gold Marc Jacobs watch and held up her hands. “Kristen, I’m supposed to meet Massie in five minutes and you know she doesn’t like to wait. What is this all about?”

Kristen straightened up. “It’s about Kemp. He’s outside the gym and I figured he’s the best place to start when it comes to,” Kristen paused, took a look around them, then continued in a hushed whisper. “Alicia. If the part about the two of them checks out, then we know she wasn’t completely lying.”

Claire pondered that for a good moment before nodding. “Alright. I need to text Mass first and let her know I’ll be late.” As she spoke Claire whipped out her iPhone and began to text Massie.

New Text Message

To: Mass

Hey sorry but I’m running a bit late. I’m trying to find my calc teacher cause I left my lit book in her classroom and she locked the door 😡

Almost immediately Massie replied.

To: Claire

Fine. But if youre not here in 10 im leaving without you. Jakkob’s coming by to do my hair @ 3:45 and I can nawt be late

To: Mass

Sounds good!!

Claire slipped her phone in her bag and smiled. “Let’s go.”

A couple of minutes later Claire stood next to Kristen with her arms crossed and eyes wide in disbelief. “No way.” Claire had done a lot of daring, risky things with the PC but even she had to draw the line at some point and here it was.

“Come on we’ve done it before.” Kristen whined. “Remember when you, Mass, and Alicia snuck in when Nina was wreaking havoc?” Claire shook her head.

“That was different. It was for a middle school and no one was in there. I’m not doing it.”

Kristen groaned and threw her hands up. “Claire if you want to find out if Alicia was telling the truth then you got to go in the boy’s locker room with me because that’s where Kemp is and we can’t wait another day!!”

Claire shook her head and crossed her arms. “No.”

Kristen stared at her for a moment before grinning. “Then I’ll tell Massie about that incident involving her favorite white dress and your delicious strawberry smoothie.”

Claire gasped. “No. You wouldn’t. Massie will kill me. Please.” Claire knew the second Massie found out that she was a goner. She’d barely got away with it and even though it had been a couple of years she knew Massie was still angry about it, and this was nawt the time to tell her about it.

“Come with me and your secret is safe.” Kristen said, and Claire knew she had to do it.

Sighing, she held her head high and followed Kristen into the boy’s locker room, where the unknown awaited them.

All of the guys stared as soon as they stepped foot inside. Claire wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t everyday two of the most popular female seniors casually walked into the guy stinky, sweaty, and smelly locker room for reasons unknown. Kristen was an athlete so the environment didn’t seem to bother her, however Claire loathed sports almost as much as Massie and she knew she looked completely out of place in her multicolor chiffon dress and a look of mild disgust on her face. Thankfully Kristen found Kemp fairly quickly so all that was left was to get a confession out of him.

“Hey who let the royals in here?” he called out to his friends when he first saw them, a smug grin on his face. The girls didn’t let that bother them, and slowly cornered him in. “What’s going on ladies? You need the Kemp to help you out with some heavy lifting?”

The girls rolled their eyes in sync before Kristen finally spoke. “We want to know where you were Friday night?”

He laughed. “You’re in here for that? Easy. I was at a party.”

Claire’s heart quickened in her chest. “With who?”

Kemp shrugged. “Different people. Why?”

“Curious. Any girls?”

He shot them a cocky grin. “Of course. You looking for a bitch to fight? I knew you wanted this.” He stared forward towards them, and the quickly pushed him back.

“The only bitch I want to fight is you, but I can’t today.” Kristen retorted, putting her hands on her hips. “Which girls were you with?”

Kemp rolled his eyes. “Why? What’s in it for me?”

The girls exchanged looks. They should have known this wasn’t going to be easy. Kemp had always been a bit of a pervy guy with an ego, but high school just made it worse when he joined the JV football team after only a summer of football boot camp. The guy practically though he was the god of football. It was incredibly annoying.

“I’ll do your math homework for two weeks,” Kristen offered with a sigh.

Apparently it was all Kemp wanted because he spilled the list of ladies he was with right away and it was a long one. Among the list were Strawberry McAdams, a couple of Alicia’s friends from dance, Krista Bassett, a freshman in theater with Layne, and, last but not least, Alicia.

“You were really with Alicia?” Claire asked, scared he was lying.

“Yeah, why?” Kemp replied.

The girls were about to figure out an answer when suddenly one of the soccer coaches grabbed the two by the shoulders, spun them around, and began a very loud, very public, and very embarrassing lecture on why they should not be in the boy’s locker room and how they were very lucky he wasn’t going to send them straight to the headmaster’s office before promptly kicking them out.

Outside the two were silent before Claire finally spoke. “So Alicia wasn’t lying about everything.”

Kristen shook her head. “Not everything.”

They exchanged a look of mutual confusion before Claire checked her watch and realized she had a minute before Massie was gone. She quickly called out a goodbye to Kristen as she raced down the hallway and towards the senior parking lot.

There Claire made it to Massie’s cars with only seconds to spare and an odd look from her best friend.

“Why were you running?” She asked as Claire climbed into the passenger’s seat.

“I didn’t want you to leave me,” Claire replied as she tossed her stuff in the back and buckled her seatbelt.

Massie nodded and started out of the parking lot and towards home. Once they were on the road, she turned to Claire and asked, “Why do you smell like sweat and desperation? Please don’t tell me you’re using that CVS crap that attempts to pass for perfume again or I will kick you out this car.”

Claire laughed. “No I was actually in the boy’s locker room. Apparently that’s where my calc teacher goes after school.”

“Really? I thought all math teachers were too nerdy for sports.”

Claire grinned. “I didn’t say he was in there looking to a work out, did I?”

The two laughed and spent the rest of the drive contently chatting about their day, what they have to do, how Massie is going to get her hair styled, and what they are each going to wear to the back to school dance coming up. It was almost perfect.



Hey guys!! So big news!! I am part of a PC with the fabulous Massie (xomassieblog) and Kristen (klassicallykristen)!! You can check out their blogs directly as well as check out info about them under my “Pretty Committee” page. We’ve been working on our plot and will let you know once we get it started up!!

Also, I have edited some of my pages with new information like my AIM username and the outfit Claire wears in this post, and will be continuing to add new info as the blog continues to grow.

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